Modern Times - Modern Mores 2
twitter is my swan off, image

Twitter is my sawn off

the prettiest girls do the ugliest things, image

The prettiest girls do the ugliest things

use once and destroy, image

Use once and destroy

keep calm and dominate the situation, image

Keep calm and dominate the situation

take a chance or you will never know, image

Take a chance

old is the new new, image

Old is the new new

bad girls go to hell, image

Bad girls go to hell

circle of life, image

Circle of life

we all leave the satge on a passport to oblivion, image

We all leave the stage on a passport to oblivion

be gentle I
the future starts right now, image

The future starts right now

awkward is my speciality, image

Awkward is my speciality

yes I killed him, image

Kill him

Stacks Image 365

Always bite the hand that feeds you shit 1

chisel, image


care little for the opinions of the mediocre, image

Care little for the mediocre

what a fool I cried for you, image

What a fool I cried for you

Conspicuous minimalism, image

Conspicuous minimalism


Today less is more

it always ends in tears, image

It always ends in tears

Horizon. image


Forgiveness is a much neglected virtue, image

Forgiveness is a much neglected virtue

Make compassion great again, image

Make compassion great again

swag art F I O, image

Swag Art FIO!

contact link ihere, image

To contact me:

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