“The battle royale between the modern and the classical
is by far my favourite mêlée”.

A recovering television news graphic designer, whose professional career is one of editing and creating visual narratives from a multiplicity of sources, perspectives and mediums.

At present fusing my craft skills with collage and appropriation art techniques to explore L'art du détournement. Creating visual maquettes to help inform the development of my physical artworks executed in pencils and paints. An on-going creative flux generating transitory new forms of provisional imagery, possessing an amalgam of the enigmatic and the accessible.

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one of the books featuring my work, as all contain interviews exploring my motivations and working practice.

Based in Northern Ireland. You can contact me below.
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To contact me: studio@thomasrobson.art

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A critic’s review:

“Rare is it that we find such conflict focused in one artwork. Often we search for unities amidst the disjuncture, harmony among discord, but through the sheer contradiction of these images, Robson sets out a genuine challenge to our interpretative skills.”

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Pitti Uomo Thomas Robson “That shirt is hella dope”.

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