Still Lives.

Compositional maquettes composed as source images for large scale pencil drawings on paper.
Image sizes approx. 12” x 17” to 17 x 23.5”

Mother to the Daughter, image

Mother to the Daughter.

Consequences, image


A Bucolic Prospect, image

A Bucolic Prospect.

An Imminent Addition, image

An Imminent Addition.

The Family Line, image

The Family Line.

The Internal Sea, image

The Internal Sea.

Drainage, image


Common Antecedents, image

Common Antecedents.

Captivating Cavities, image

Captivating Cavities.

horizons, image


Division, image


Oxygenated, image


Framed still lives print in studio, image
Pelham Mews, image

Pelham Mews.

the central matter, iamge
Annexation, image


Insouciance, image


A social calamity, image
Inner Sanctums, image

Inner Sanctums.

Not discussed, image

Not Discussed.

the sclerotic valve, image

The Sclerotic Valve.

The Shape of Things to Come, image

The Shape of Things to Come.

Shared Beginnings, image

Shared Beginnings.

Library., image


Pulmonary Pressures, image

Pulmonary Pressures.

The Consequences of Pleasures Gained, image

The Consequences of Pleasures Gained.

A Family Dance of Disorder, image

A Family Dance of Disorder.

In Remembrance, image

In Remembrance.

Still Born, image

Still Born.

Still lives framed print, image
new antaomy art contact link image

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