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"Some Masterfully Expressive Graphics".

"Eexpressive graphics that speak of an energy no Swiss Modernist could possibly convey."

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Venezia Santa Lucia Waiting: New collages now available, contact me for more.

News: Collision Art: Buy the book!
Viction:ary Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow
A BIG Thanks to Uber Art & Design Publishers Viction:ary for featuring my work both within & on the cover of their new book Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow.
Collating some 150 trendsetting works spanning brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and artefacts,

It's Nice That has a review here:
Viction:ary's new title Making A Splash shows off some masterfully expressive graphics.

I NEED TO EAT so get all philanthropic and purchase from
Viction:ary, Amazon or MORE IMPORTANTLY your local independent book shop.
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Art Snobs.

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Via Spiga Rosso.

Process Colour.
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New Fluid Pigments.
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Ardress House Portraits, Collsion Art, image 23

Ardress House Portraits, Collsion Art.

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Ulster Museum Visits.
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Simon Residence Collection.


Thanks to: MoMA Talks and Jené Gutierrez of Beautiful/Decay for featuring Thomas Robson’s Defaced Hybrid Paintings .
Louis Boshoff's
Creative-Collision review provides a great overview of what this work is about and its developing
context + Saskia Kusnecov's, (Art Editor - The Daily Targum of Rutgers University) article
When the Past and the Present Collide.
Also thanks are due to
Geraldine lilly for the Reworking Portraiture article and to Harry Warwick of Fussed Magazine
who has authored an illuminating review of some of my work, likewise to MIKL-EM for the kind words on
Laughing Squid.

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To Contact Me:
Text / Tel: (UK) 0789 1930 519
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Simon Residence Collection.

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Collision Art Portraits, Red & Orange Leads.

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Go Girl Go.

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