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I will be updating this site with new work over the coming weeks.
To be kept informed please contact me via
e-mail and I will add you to the mailing list.

Portfolio Selections To Explore.

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Fluid Pigments.
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Crash Narratives.
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Collision Art Interventions.
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Visual Shrapnel

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Rare Paper

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Trendwatch. Proud To Be Appearing In The Latest Issue Of
Italian Style & Fashion Magazine Flair.
Thomas Robson, Reviews.
"Expressive graphics that speak of an energy no
Swiss Modernist could possibly convey.".

Thanks to: Geraldine lilly for the Reworking Portraiture article
Louis Boshoff's Creative-Collision review provides an overview of what this
work is about and its developing
context + Saskia Kusnecov's, (Art Editor - The Daily Targum of Rutgers University) article
When the Past and the Present Collide.
Likewise to MIKL-EM for the kind words on
Laughing Squid.
MoMA Talks and Jené Gutierrez of Beautiful/Decay for featuring Thomas Robson’s Defaced Hybrid Paintings.

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A selection of Limited edition prints are available.
Contact the
AFK Gallery Lisbon for details of same

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Digital Art WTF. Discuss.
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